Discover a new creative business model!
Think differently! At Rubykub, we have the will to develop a highly efficient business model. Our goal is to become one of the most efficient belgian agency with respect for our clients and suppliers. We truly believe in strong partnerships. Therefore we are ready to share the risk with our clients.
How do we share the risk?
By offering a zero profit business. The principle is simple. We charge our clients with what we really do: Communication strategy, editorial content, PR, audio-visual production, post-production, music & sound production, graphic design…
We offer a full transparency to our client.


 Rubykub is a combination of three structure.


“everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”
Albert Einstein

Rubykub Agency

 Rubykub agency is your creative one-stop agency
We develop ideas and produce creative content in-house: Commercial, Film, Photography, Live Event.

Communication Strategy

​From the initial idea to the final production of the concept, you​r message​ needs to be coherent.
Th​ere is only ​one way​: be sincere when we work for and with you.

Editorial Content

Each message ​needs a convincing​ story​ for your ideas, your company, your products​.
This can be done with a touch of emotion, a twist of humor and sometimes with a few drops of seriousness.

Media and Public Relation

In a ever​-​changing landscape ​ (FB, Twitter, press​…) you need someone to help you contact the press and to ​ deliver the right message on the right support at the right time.

Web Content

We help you in creating your online communication and promote your website through our internal expertise.


We produce in-house any visual contents: commercials, corporate, print…


We produce, compose, supervise music for any of our agency work.

Rubykub Films


Film Expertise
  • Production
  • Scouting Services
  • Line Production
  • Post-Production
 Check our portfolio for our film projects.


Every project whether film, commercial, corporate deserves it’s own attention. Our network of renowned professional and our production skills ensures that we deliver the best possible projects.

If you want to submit a film project (shortfilm, feature…)
please send a mail to info@rubykub.com
“You may never know what results come of your action.
But if you do nothing there ll be no result”
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